Other 2021/04/22 01:11:48

JAPAN Society主催 Japan x Taiwan: Choreographers Respond to COVID-19


In cooperation with Taipei Cultural Center in New York, the Society presents an online roundtable discussion between rising Japanese butoh artists Kentaro Kujirai and Barabbas Okuyama and Taiwanese contemporary dance choreographers Hao Cheng and Wei-Chia Su as the culmination of a seven-month virtual artist exchange. These four emerging choreographers, originally slated to perform in Japan Society’s biennial Contemporary Dance Festival: Japan + East Asia, have come together to explore new avenues of dance-making without sharing a physical space. Since September 2020, the choreographers and their respective dance company members met once a month virtually to conduct joint workshops. In this pre-recorded roundtable, the choreographers discuss how COVID-19 has not only impacted how they present and conceive of their work, but also how it has provided the impetus for viable online exchange with artists around the world.

To offer audiences an inside look, short video diaries filmed in each of these monthly artist workshops will be available for viewing one week prior to the roundtable discussion, starting on April 21. Before the premiere presentation of the roundtable discussion, viewers are invited to watch these 5-7 minute video diaries to further explore and engage with this bilingual (Japanese and Mandarin) discussion and to provide a model for other organizations interested in facilitating their own international online exchange.